Guest Blogging: The Traffic, The Exposure, The Fame

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When Google came out with their eyeball-popping algorithm changes, one of the biggest to be greatly affected were sites that take in article submissions. But even before that this method was already going downhill. Some SEOs have always looked down on it as an easy fix for traffic generation and have never really proven its worth for conversion.

Rather, most have advocated about the effectiveness of Guest Blogging.  Instead of linking sites and building links- in this age of where social has become the operative word- it links people and builds personal relationships.

The Audacity
But some wonder, who would have the audacity to think they have enough credentials to write a guest post for another site? What makes guest blogging special as opposed to article submission? And most importantly, how does one go about guest-blogging?

In the first place, if you have something good to say, say it. Credentials are not built in a day and if you want to earn your keep, you’ve done your article submission writing, this is the next step. Second, guest blogging may be called the more glamorous sister of article submission. The one who goes out more and mingles with people. In short, the popular one.

Okay, now that we had you at popular, let’s tackle how one goes about guest-blogging.

As Guillaume Bouchard wrote in Search Engine Watch, guest blogging is, “building authority in your niche.”

Not all blogs will be perfect for your niche. You first need to find the right blog that targets your market. Some blogs may be brimming with esteem but if it has nothing to do with your Italian pizza eatery or bridegroom tailoring shop, it would be pointless.

Also not all blogs accept guest posting so it’s best to do research on which ones that do. You can start by Googling the words “guest blog” and “submit a post.”

Naturally if you’re to guest blog for the credentials, you might want a blog that also has credentials. Research for blog sites that rank well. You can choose the Rank Checker for this. Check to see the frequency of their posts, the consistency of their content, the quantity of comments and if they have an About Section. You would definitely want that.

Personal Proposal
As this is business, you will have to write them a proposal letter to offer your writing services. But as the proposal letter is as much part of showing off your skills, you might want to avoid writing something a robot has churned out or practically a sample proposal letter that’s so emotionally devoid.

Write a proposal letter as if you’re writing to a real person. Be open about your intentions. Be warm. Be friendly. In short, be human. A personal touch has always worked best.

As there are millions, okay maybe just a few thousand, who have the same idea to guest blog, you would have to stand out. Imagine as if you’re applying for a job and offer something distinctive. This time don’t write about trending topics but topics that you can turn into trending. Or write a trending topic but in an inside out way.

Wow Them
If they’ve agreed to your writing for them, summon all your luck, your Star Wars may the force be with you, your goddesses of inspiration and write the best that you can come up with. Wow them because as this is still a business transaction, in this part of town, first impressions do last. And if you make a first good wave, more waves will come your way.

If you write well, it will be read and it will always be remembered. But guest blogging isn’t just about writing, you can come up with infographics and video content too. You’re not just applying for that figurative job at the blog site but this time you’re applying to be read.

So now, write not for links but for people who will read you. Write so you can connect with more readers. And write for fame, that works too.

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