What’s the Latest Scoop on the Big 3 Search Engines?

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The first search engine that was ever created, with all its clunky technology compared to now, was something called Archie. Not based on the red-headed, loveable comic character but the word Archive without the V. For a time there were Netscape, Infoseek, Northern Light, Excite and Altavista. For some who’s been on the internet long, some of these names sound familiar (we’re actually one of those, long before we became a Phoenix SEO. Yes, we’re senior citizen in internet age).

These days they’re limited to three big ones and a couple trying to get into the major’s league. But the internet world is like shifting sands, what could be a sandy dune one minute can be flat the next muddled with weeds.

Do you want to know what the latest on the major search engines is?

The big news for some time was the newest honcho at Yahoo. Marissa Mayer was with Google for 13 years, starting with them when Google had only seven employees, before moving to Yahoo to save this troubled corporation. But the question going around SEO town is: Is Yahoo even salvageable?

Yahoo, these days, is considered as clunky as the old Archie of the nineties. It’s overweight with too much attached data, ancient with their content which is described as “largely inaccurate and often so poorly written you can’t pay people to read it.” And, truthfully, who goes to Yahoo Messenger now to chat when there’s Skype and Facebook.

Rumor has it that Yahoo will be weeding out their search section-do you hear people say, “I don’t know. Yahoo it.” The same with the fiasco Yahoo Voice, although there’s no news yet about their email, which has been avoided like a plague by so many users as it’s said to be easily hacked.


Bing is what you might call the Slowly But Surely kind of fairy tale. It has been in the search engine world for quite some time but it’s only now that it’s considered part of the big-timers. SEO has a lot to do with the rising position of Bing as it is being used to search what’s trending in the social network scene.

For one thing, Bing releases results as they’re happening instead of a few hours later like other search engines. Second is that the precision of their platform search results is a big hit among staunch SEO and those who are curious. This led to a lot of converts and less bounce rates.

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Google has been on the news a lot. Ever since they did their major algorithm changes with the cute animal names, so much of the SEO has been trying to explain what they mean and what their impact is.

Right now Google is being accused of gamification, which is said to be gaming the online users. With the recent changes, there have been grumbles that the “search results were neither truly relevant nor even accurate,” which was the exact opposite of the intention of the major changes in the first place. Their call for great content rather than black hat SEO techniques for ranking has been negated when a lot of poor contents are bubbling to the top.

Of course Google is denying this.

And of course, we in the SEO in Phoenix can only grumble at all these changes going on.

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