Campaign Management

3:05 pm

Optimizing a website so it is searchable and can be found by online viewers is only one aspect of overall search engine optimization. In order to establish your online presence and understand your target audience, OptimizeX provides Campaign Management Services to help you track and manage your online marketing programs so you can better understand specific information on the online traffic your website is receiving, including statistics on the following:

1. The number of online visitors reaching your website.
2. The number of new online visitors your site is receiving.
3. The locations from which your visitors are coming from.
4. The different traffic sources generating visits from search engine optimization, including search engines, direct traffic, and referral sites.
5. The specific page views accumulated over a certain period of time.
6. The keywords your online visitors utilize to find your website.
7. Much, much more.

Reviewing and understanding a website’s analytics helps the company understand the online marketing strategies that are working, and which strategies may need to be changed or thrown out all together. When a company is able to better pinpoint and evaluate its online target audience, the easier it is to reach out to this online market in hopes of generating new clients and improving sales. OptimizeX will make it easier to track and manage your online marketing campaign by compiling the online analytical reports to better manage your marketing strategies and go over them in detail to ensure you fully understand how your campaign is bettering your business.

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