Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization should be a part of your company’s overall Internet marketing strategy.  Quality search engine optimization involves utilizing natural search engine optimization, also known as organic SEO, to bring your company’s website to the top of the search rankings.

A combination of keyword analysis, link building, Meta tags, alt tags, and the development of a directory campaign all work together to optimize a website.  Your website will receive more exposure with the help of our Professional Search Engine Optimization Experts. The search engine optimization services offered by Scottsdale SEO Company, OptimizeX, utilize several combined techniques that work together to assist a website’s search rankings. After analyzing your website and your company, Scottsdale SEO experts will determine which techniques should be included in your overall Internet marketing strategy.

Natural search engine optimization is the art of tuning your website to match the search engine’s criteria for the best ranking value. Many natural search engine optimization companies provide only one aspect of search marketing; however as search filters, algorithms and competition change, so have the strategies of optimizing a website for maximum exposure within search results.

This is where OptimizeX comes in, taking the work load off you by constantly researching and staying updated on the newest optimization strategies. The Professional SEO Experts at OptimizeX are informed to assist you with your entire search ranking needs so you are able to solely focus on running your business.

  • Keyword Phrase Research and Implementation– The keyword research process can be time consuming and confusing for someone who doesn’t have the proper SEO experience. Our Professional Scottsdale SEO team will research your company and find the keywords that will best suit your website as well as your budget and in turn, boost your website to a higher search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, to increase traffic to your site.
  • Link Building Strategies– The creation of a strong, effective link building strategy is an important aspect of overall natural search engine optimization. Utilizing only natural search engine optimization techniques ensures the highest-valued links that are relevant to your company, and therefore, deemed relevant by the search engines. Relevant link building is a crucial component to a website’s search ranking success and will assist with a website’s overall rank and increase the number of online visitors and potential clients, increasing the website’s credibility on the web.
  • Directory Submissions– The Scottsdale SEO team at OptimizeX manually submits a company’s website to directories that are search engine optimization-friendly. Being submitted to directories is a strong way to drive targeted traffic to a website. We will submit a website with a description to targeted directories as well as to general directories. These general directories are highly-ranked on search engines and receive a good amount of daily traffic, which means more online visitors to your site.
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports– The search engine ranking report service offered by Scottsdale SEO company, OptimizeX, generates reports that are reliable, accurate, and user-friendly. These reports allow the customer to see which Internet marketing strategies are working and which strategies need to be changed to become more effective. Ranking reports provide a lot of useful information, including, but not limited to details about who is visiting a site, where the search traffic is coming from, and how much time an online visitor is browsing a website. OptimizeX will create, implement, and then test the online strategies created for each client to determine their effectiveness. After this information is provided to the client in the form of an overall ranking report, the experts at OptimizeX will then work with the client to see what can strategies can be improved upon, and possibly, which need to be changed all together. This way, OptimizeX is always working to find the most effective, online marketing strategies for its clients.
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