Social Media

2:59 pm

Social media marketing is one of the newest strategies for online Internet marketing and involves utilizing a number of social media tools to help companies reach out to and engage with a larger number of potential customers and current clients.  Social networking platforms, video and photo sharing, microblogging, and other tools all work together to help establish and improve a company’s overall site presence.

Companies can receive a lot of exposure with the help of social networking and social sharing sites as a part of overall search engine marketing strategy.  Sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Flickr can be utilized to help create company buzz and increase company awareness.  OptimizeX will utilize our experience with social networking and social sharing linking strategies to help your company receive extensive exposure, driving overall sales to the next level.  Through social networking and social sharing sites, companies are able to better reach and engage potential and current customers, build and maintain a company brand and strategy, generate leads, and respond to client feedback.

Why should you include social media marketing into your overall marketing strategy?

  • Your customers are using social media everyday. Reaching out to your targeted markets is easily accomplished by utilizing social media marketingSocial media makes an impact on consumers each day, and the Internet is quickly becoming the medium of choice for those who want news and information right at their fingertips.
  • Social media marketing is more cost-effective than other types of Internet marketing. Every business does not have an unlimited budget, and OptimizeX can assist those who are looking to improve their return on investment (ROI) without going over your spending limits.  Pay Per Click (PPC) and other paid search prices are constantly increasing, and social media marketing offers a cost-effective way to reach your target markets.
  • Online website competition, regardless of the type of business, is fierce. It is important to stay ahead of the competition by utilizing marketing tools that are on the cutting edge of Internet marketing technology. OptimizeX will help you influence your target market by using social media to establish brand awareness and inform customers of your business message.
  • Exposure, Exposure, Exposure. Having a website is simply not enough these days.  The more eyes that view a website, the more potential customers you will have.  Social media marketing is one of the many Internet marketing options OptimizeX offers to its clients. Utilizing this marketing technology will allow for more targeted traffic to your website, and ultimately, more revenue for your business.
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