The world wide web is like the deep blue sea.
Millions and millions of customers swimming in it.

Make it easier for them to find you. More exposure, more business.

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With OptimizeX, your business has nowhere to go but up. Even if you decide to optimize your own site after the expiration of your contract, your business can still generate profit from its own production.

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Based in Scottsdale, AZ, OptimizeX is a leading provider of professional internet marketing services to clients throughout the Valley as well as the nation. The digital marketing specialists of OptimizeX take the time to understand your company and its online marketing needs in order to develop and implement a fully-customized strategy to help you boost overall sales.

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"I never knew SEO could help my small business until I tried it! OptimizeX is truly a professional SEO company. Not only was I able to see my business’ rankings go up from page 5 to the very top, they also kept me in the loop and addressed any concerns I had all throughout the duration of the campaign"

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We define success based on the number of satisfied clients we have, which is why we place high value on professionalism and outstanding service. We are committed to making sure you get what you came to us for: first page ranking, more leads, and better visibility.

We try to get in as much detail as we can in our monthly reports without overwhelming our clients, and we make it simple to boot!


July 29, 2020

Google Display Network: A Primer

Everyone is familiar with Google Ads, the paid advertisements that appear in search results on If you are using PPC advertising with Google Ads on the Google Search Network, it’s an effective way of being found by online searches.  The ads are limited to Google’s search engine only.

June 10, 2020

The Importance of Quality Score for Google Ads

If you want to improve your Google Ad campaign for a better ROI, it's tremendously important to understand the concept of Quality Score (QS).

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