3 Social Media Marketing Mythbusters

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By now everybody has joined the merry bandwagon of social media marketing. Most enlisted for the heck of it. Everybody’s doing it, so maybe they should too. While others have seen the potential of what this budding giant can do for their company and have employed its application, waiting for the right moment when they can truly play on its promise.

Right now most businesses think that having a Facebook fan page is just having a lot of people like it. It’s an advertising tool of some sort, just to make people be aware of their existence. What most companies don’t know is that it has the capacity for ROI.

In deconstructing social media networks, Facebook is who you project yourself to be while Google is the real you. The growing Pinterest, on the other hand, is said to have found the median points of the two and have combined portraying both who you really are and who you want to be.

While SEO has incorporated these psychologies, there’s still so much to understand about these tools. And just like anything new, there are also myths and urban legends surrounding it. Not to scare you but this early, it’s best to recognize them so you can work around them.

Mythbuster #1: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
Social media marketing isn’t entirely free. Sure, the sign-up is free but managing the account takes manpower that you have to pay for. To have a successful social media market is just like setting up another website, you always have to update this network. And this takes time, effort and as minimal as this sounds, the utilities to employ it.

Evanne Schmarder, writing for Huffington Post, knows of people who think that they can just get their neighbor’s teenage son to handle their account. They’re believed to be the most internet savvy in age bracketing. While this may be true, there are still business tricks to this trade that doesn’t just encompass knowing your way around the web.

For pointers, a well-developed profile is required. Marketing strategies like what content to post or upload has to be in consistence with your product and has the capacity to boost sales. And engaging with your fan base so there’s human interaction as opposed to simply company-consumer connection, which is what made social media popular in the first place.

Mythbuster #2: Just because you’re “friends” with them doesn’t mean you’re friends with them.
David Murdico of iMedia Connection has this to say about your consumers/fans on Facebook, “They’re selfish, and with good reason. It’s their time and money. They want you when they need you, on their terms, not yours.”

Basically they’re still your customers, they’re still your client, and in short they’re your boss. And you can’t build a normal, friendly relationship with your boss as long as you’re the one pleasing them all the time.

Some people promote that social media marketing builds relationship. Yes, social network has more human interaction but it’s still a business transaction. And you should never forget that.

Mythbuster #3 It’s not about the fans.
Gathering fans or pumping up your fan base is not the end all and be all of social media marketing. Same way as having thousands of friends in Facebook, even adding someone you briefly met last night, wouldn’t define who you really are. It’s not simply for bragging rights.

Setting up the fan base is in fact just the first step in the long haul called social media marketing. The reason you have a fan base is because you want to sell something to them. Through social media marketing, you’re talking to them as if you’re going door to door personally showcasing what you have to offer.

There’s so much more myths to bust but sometimes they just self-implode as we go along. Some other myth will just come and replace it. Just watch out for them. And as with your Facebook account, always be updated.

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