5 Types of Status Updates to Post on your Facebook

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Ever wonder what you should post on your facebook account today? Some people would do it randomly, most, surprisingly, actually thinks before they post. These types of people who take time before they share something on any social media platforms are more likely to be criticism-proof, depending on how provocative they’re post is.

Although it may have minor disadvantages, carefully assessing what you post has far more great benefits. The first would be your post’s reliability. For a company/business, image is everything; it is the consumer’s window to what you can offer them. Posting in random, without double (triple) checking your sources can cause doubt once you’ve made a mistake in information. The second is your post’s audience impact, through this you can analyze what your followers would like to see on your page; shares that will be a relevant information to them. It is simple marketing application, once you know who your target market is, you want to give what they want so that they will constantly check your product, in this case, your updates.

If you’re planning to plan your next post, you should consider having at least 3 of the status topics below, as we will explain why on each category.

1. Greetings

A ‘keep calm its Monday’ post or a holiday greeting 1st thing in morning can make anyone’s day. The purpose of greeting your audience is not just to make someone happy, or the usefulness of being reminded what today is, marketing-wise, this act can make your page personal and active.

A message of kindness can make your page less sales oriented, where the goal is to diminish the impression that your company only cares about profit. Also the intentional spontaneousity of the greetings will give your page character that will relate to your target audience. So it is wise to take notes of dates in your calendar so you can share the festivity to the world even if you’re not with them physically. Hence, brand awareness.

2. Trivia

Trivia is a popular post in the social media, as the World Wide Web has been known for its accessibility to endless information. Trivia can generate an AHA! feeling; knowing that you’ve gain a new knowledge, either about life or science, can make you feel smarter in an instant, where primitively humans are curious being hungry for answers.

But there’s also a risk in sharing trivia, which you can control by the way. Your trivia should have come from a reliable sources, as much as information is a dime a dozen on the internet, so are false experts.

Double or triple check if your trivia(s) are facts to avoid consumer doubt. If they can’t trust you with a simple fact then how can they trust you with your products?

3. News

Relevant news, although not necessary, should be very useful in having on your threads. Just like trivia, netizens are very interested in the ‘matter of facts’. With the cliché of advancement in technology, most internet users rely on social media to know what is currently happening in today’s society, as they are also busy with their own careers. Have you noticed that TV news even include stories found on the net? Social mediums, such as instagram, twitter, and facebook, have also made it possible for anyone to be a source of real time news.

But you can’t possibly share all news that you find interesting. The story you share should be in relation to your company’s services. That’s why we open this category with “Relevant News”.  Who your target audiences are is clear to you, so you should share news that they will find interesting and not just because it’s a trending topic. For example, if your company specializes in Dentistry then news about ‘PETA acts on viral video of animal cruelty’ should be inconsequential to your type of business. It may also send the wrong message that your company also caters to veterinary dentistry.  Ethical-wise, you don’t want that.

4. Polls

These are very rare on company updates. Polls are usually used for surveys to know more about the market’s demands. But they can also be used as a fun way to engage conversation and activity on your page. But like all that is mentioned above, the Polls should be relevant to your business specialty.

5. Conversation starters

Guessing games and engaging questions are very practical for a page’s activity. As the category implies, these are conversation starters to invite your followers to be participate actively on your page. Benefits from these types of posts are raising brand awareness and converting spectators to followers.

On most occasions you are required to reply to a commenter’s opinion for the purpose of this post to take effect. But heed warning that your audience’s opinion may vary; you may have commenters that have opposite opinions. The technique here is to ignore and show submission to any differing point of view and immediately delete any comments that can harm your companies pride to avoid further arguments. Like always, simple marketing rules says that the customer is always right.

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