Content Marketing Just Not Working? Here’s Why

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By now you probably know how fickle content marketing can be. One day your strategies work. Next thing you know they just don’t. Just when you feel that you finally broke the code you are back to where you first began. Screaming at the pillow, staring at your computer screen. Has your content marketing been working but now it is just not working? Well, obviously, times have changed since you first created web content. If you are up to your neck with content marketing but nothing seems to work, here’s why.

But First, A Few Words About This Buzz Word

That’s right, content marketing has become a recent buzzword. It’s been around for quite some time but recently has regained popularity. SEO and social media have put more value than ever on content marketing and there’s a good reason for this. More customers do research before buying a product. Content is literally, the king nowadays. It may even surpass pay per click and search engine optimization in searching popularity. More and more campaigns are emphasising content. Yours needs to stand out more than ever. If you are creating the same content as everyone else, there is little chance you will make a huge difference in the lives of consumers. To stand out you will need to create catchy, original and high quality content that gives you the edge over the competition.

Nothing New- Zzzz

Hold on a second- are you saying that your customers are not reading the latest post on your blog, “3 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist?” Articles such as these have been written five million times…today. To be frank, customers are people, not machines. Why would they even want to read something they have probably read five years ago? Create what you want rather than what you think you should. Believe it or not, people will find it more engaging to read something authentic. No one loves mass produced, processed content. Instead, it would be refreshing to find something real online.

Put It under the Spotlight

If you create content by the hundreds but your customers can’t find any of it, then you will need to shine a light of it. What’s the point of working so hard if your content can’t be seen by the light of day? Talk about it, promote it, send it out to editors and third party sites. Social media is important. Post it on your page. Ask family and friends to share it. Email your entire contact database. In fact, paste it on a bus if you possibly can. No matter how you get the word out, the important thing is that it’s out. You know that Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams when he said if you built it them will come? Well that’s not true for content marketing. No matter how much you build it, without promoting it the field will remain empty. Your best bet to help customers find your content is to keep putting the spotlight on it and promoting it as fast as you are creating it.

Where is everyone?

There’s such a thing as a customer journey, also known as a funnel. These are the steps a consumer takes to find out more about your company. It is the journey they are on until they get to the point of wanting to try your products and services. Ultimately, they end up becoming your customer. At various journey points, there are questions they need answered. If you give them the same content over and over again with nothing new, how are their questions going to be answered?

You need to create content addressing every concern they will come across before they make the decision o finally become your customer. Go through their journey in order to indentify these questions. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask the same questions they are asking. See if you are answering their questions adequately. If you find out that you are not answering their questions, new content is needed.

Who Are They, Really?

You may think you know who your target market is, but do you really? Do you know what content they enjoy? Their problems, hopes and fears? Build extensive personals of buyers that are not just about demographics. Instead, concentrate on psychographics. As much as you can, learn about who they are. This way you can really engage with them and speak their language. Do continuous studies on your customers because like everything else, change is constant. You may think you knew them last year, but do you know them this year? Find out how everyone is doing and what changes they are going through. What are the new issues everyone is facing? Finding the answers is important for you to truly understand your customer base.

Too Many Sales

You know the feeling when someone just keeps trying to sell you something? The last time you answered your phone was it a phone agent trying to sell you another service upgrade? Remember that feeling? No one likes it. Being pushed into doing something just becomes irritating after a while. Plus, most people are interested in their own issues and would like some help solving those. They are much more interested in what is going on in their lives than with your brochure. Instead of producing content aimed at just trying to sell something why don’t you put your customer first and see if you can help them solve stuff. Once you help them tackle a few issues that concern them, you will build trust. With trust, comes a relationship. The goal of the campaign is really about building relationships.

Spend some time doing some self-analysis. It may hurt a bit, but being self aware and finding out your weaknesses will be the key to unlocking a great campaign. Who knows? The results may happily surprise you.

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