Effective Ways to Optimize Videos for SEO

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Videos are beginning to gain interest from companies that do business online and want to apply search engine optimization techniques for their websites. However, not all of them know how to possibly and effectively apply optimization in videos. If you are one of them, you should hire an SEO company in Arizona so it can teach you tricks, which include these:

Use keywords to your video titles.

Make sure that you give titles to your videos. Never rely on the default file names provided by the device that you used during the video making. Replace them with your own titles; remember to include your keywords in them. You have to realize that search engines like Google has no capability to know what is in your video presentations but it can read your video titles, as well as the meta info that you will provide. Through these keywords, which you inserted in the titles, search engines can index and rank your videos.

Create your videos in preferred formats.

You can make your video presentations in several formats. There is no rule that says you can only create videos in certain formats; however, you should think about choosing formats favored by searchers. This technique may increase the chances of your videos to be viewed.

Give relevant information to your video description.

Write a description related to your video so as not to cause disappointment to viewers, who will decide to leave your page immediately if they find nothing relevant. This action will subsequently increase your site’s bounce rate. Another trick known to an SEO company in Arizona is to, again, include your keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing, though, as this will result to the anger of search engines. In writing description, see to it that you write your URL at the beginning.

Offer users the freedom to rate or comment on your videos.

As mentioned earlier, search engines cannot read your videos—but it can read users’ ratings or comments that will eventually pave the way for your videos to be indexed and ranked by search engine spiders. If one of your video presentations is so excellent that it happens to go viral online, other users will get to know this and they will be attracted to look at your video and you will gain more viewers and receive more ratings and comments. This will eventually lead to higher ranking in search engine results pages.

Keep your videos short.

Remember to make your videos short but see to it that all the important information is included in them. Keep the videos’ length to five minutes or less or you may eventually bore viewers, who will then decide not to continue watching and leave the page.

It is easy to create video presentations for your business and publish them in your company website. But you should think about optimizing them to ensure user viewership and to also capture the interest of search engines, particularly Google. Get the services of an SEO company in Arizona because it can offer you professional assistance.

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