Five Simple Yet Effective SEO Tips for Small Business Websites

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Most often than not, small to medium-sized businesses start off their internet marketing strategies by focusing on web designs, thinking that it’s the most crucial aspect of marketing. While this is not entirely false, there are also other elements that need to be prioritized ahead of web design, most especially if the company budget is limited. Small business websites need to have more than just good design in order to attract their target market.

One of the the best and most effective ways to go about marketing a website is by getting professional advice and assistance from a reputable SEO company in Arizona. They know what strategies are favored by major search engines and what techniques will get the most leads and conversions. Just make sure that when you decide to schedule your first appointment with you an experienced Arizona SEO firm, you remember these five simple tips:

1. The homepage should inform readers about what your company is and what it is you offer.
The moment site visitors land on your homepage, the first bit of information they should know is your company name, and what products or services you offer. After that, a short summary of your company goals and objectives. It is essential that within a few seconds, which is the most crucial moment, you are able to capture visitors’ interest with these pieces of information. The goal is to give them vital details about the company and help them decide to stay longer.

2. Your contact details should be complete and seen in every page of your site.
It is not enough that you have your contact details on Contact Us page. In fact,  they should be seen in every page of your site. Your site visitors should be constantly reminded and subconsciously persuaded to contact you and get your services. This is why it is very important that they have immediate access to your company. Vital information includes your company telephone number, email address and your business address.

3. Use effective calls to action.
Some small business websites stop at just providing contact information, when there are more ways to persuade visitors. Including certain phrases can help them decide what to do, such as “Call us today for further inquiries” and “Give us a call for a free quote”. Some websites even include the phrase “Order now” as one of their calls to action. Just make sure that you do not sound too spammy or overly enthusiastic trying to sell your company’s products or services.

4. Include product or service descriptions.
Now this is very important for e-commerce sites. Although high quality images may help buyers choose a product, it is not the deciding factor. Product descriptions give clients the information they need to make a purchase. Depending on how enticingly well-written a description is, customers will be more inclined to buy something that gives them all the advantages product and features. The key is to make them brief, precise, and creative.

5. Website content should be regularly updated.
Visitors who have been frequenting your website are bound to notice whether you are posting new content or not. If your site content is outdated, they will find no reason to come back and visit. More importantly, one of the ways search engines such as Google rank websites is according to fresh content. This is why it’s crucial to continuously publish new and interesting articles that are related to what products or services you offer.

Keep these things in mind when you hire the services of an SEO company in Arizona and you’ll be one step closer to dominating the competition online.

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