How to Lower Your Site’s Bounce Rate

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When working on your search engine optimization efforts, you should also take your site’s bounce rate into consideration. This term refers to the percentage of visitors who leave websites in five seconds or less by clicking the “back” button soon as they find the content inappropriate to their search. If your website has high bounce rates, it loses its credibility to Google and other search engines. So the moment you meet with the SEO company in Arizona you will hire, you should make a detailed discussion on how to reduce bounce rate, which include these:

Offer users content relevant to their search.

Users make a decision to click on the link to go to your website basing on the data you provide in the search engine results pages. Hence, they expect to see more information relevant to this the moment they land on your page. If they fail to find anything, they will immediately leave your site. So, you have to stop this trick of using popular keywords that have nothing to do with your content only to drive visitors to your website. Your site’s traffic may be increasing but your site’s bounce rate will surely follow and you will not like the result.

Allow easy navigation.

People should feel at ease making a tour on your site; thus, your pages should be intuitive. To make sure of this, ask the SEO company in Arizona you will hire to perform some sort of user testing. You may also invite relatives, friends and even your neighbors to visit your site. Ask them to share their experiences during the ‘tour’. Learn if they encounter some navigation issues and see how you will resolve them to achieve better user experience.

Increase your page load time.

Most users are impatient; they will not wait until your page loads. They will rather leave and visit another website. So avoid this scenario, see to it that your pages load faster. Another way to increase the page load time is to limit the number of images you have in your site or to reduce the resolution of all the photos. Likewise, make your site mobile-ready.

You provide external links in your site to either credit your reference or prove your point but you should limit your use of these types of links. You may not realize it but you may be pushing people to go to these sites rather than to stay on your own site, particularly if they feel that these external links will link them to articles that will offer more detailed information.

If you are able to keep visitors to your pages for a longer period of time, you are boosting your site’s credibility. But, if they leave immediately as they land on it, it means something is wrong in your site. You should get the services of an SEO company in Arizona to check what causes high bounce rate and to find ways on how to avoid or lower it. SEO is not only about generating traffic; it is also about making web guests stay longer than the usual.

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