Instagram Your Business the Next Big Thing in Social Media Marketing

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When Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars last April, this free sharing app has leveled up among its contemporaries Flickr and Pinterest. But even before that, these two have already been eating the dust left behind by Instagram and the brand has become a virtual household name. Like Google, people would be caught saying Instagram it, to mean edit the photos.The appeal of Instagram is that not only can it edit photos instantaneously and uploaded on the social network, but it can make the most boring pictures look like glamorous magazine shots. Usually retro in style, there’s that grainy, sixties to seventies air to the photos with different designs to choose from. The dullest shot of the sunset taken from a phone cam can blaze with all its sunshine glory.And just like any social network, Instagram began as a personal account for your collection of phone cam shots, but its uses on businesses are starting to materialize. Having followers and being able to link the photos to your Facebook and Twitter, you’re able to share visuals photographed by you that has something to do with your brand.But there are dos and don’ts when applying Instagram to your business to make it an effective social media marketing tool. Here’s how.

Full commitment
As with any social media marketing tool, it’s said that having no account is better than a barely active account. There is an abandoned feel to an account that is rarely updated like a closed down business. If you’re going into Instagram go into it with full commitment. Plan your strategy on how to always keep it fresh.

Be you
Some companies who own Instagram accounts would upload photos they got from the net. They would just filter it with the different designs. But with Instagram, this is your chance to showcase your product without the use of professional photography. People on Instagram would love to see original pics and not something they can come across somewhere else.

Keep cool
This app might be a new toy but don’t get too over excited and keep posting photos. Same with advertising overexposure is never a good thing. If you want to post everyday balance it out with pics that have nothing to do with business. Make it like a personal account and not some advertising campaign as this would turn people off.

Make it about the photos
Instagram is about photographs. If you want to post wall quotes, infographics and plain quotes, there’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for that. People have signed up for an Instagram account to share and look at photos, not have graphics with texts spelled out for them.

Social Media
Remember that this is still a social media and commenting on other people’s posts isn’t just highly encouraged but greatly touching. If you see something you like, say it because you create relationships that way.

To end, upload photos not in the middle of the night where it’s like a tree falling in the forest and nobody is there to see it. Find out the most active time of Instagram and join that fray.

img c/o pixabay

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