Link Building in the New World

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Some people are just plain pessimist. When Google unveiled its Terminators aka Panda and Penguin along with their numerous tweaking almost every month, and they machine-gunned all our model designs for link building, naysayers predicted that it was the end of SEO.

They probably haven’t heard the saying, ‘You can’t put a good man down.” What these cynics didn’t know is that what differentiates SEO from plain capitalists is that, this world is built of creative people who respect the spirit business.

Meaning while they’re artists at heart, they have the mind of the businessman. While their entrepreneurial sensibility will say business goes on, their ingenuity can create something out of nothing. Thus, with the new guidelines regarding linking and ranking, it’s just a matter of designing newer models for this new world. In fact the minute the guidelines were released, there was an influx on the web on how to adapt.

The internet has actually been going organic long before Google released Panda Update. Websites have been coming up with all sorts of bonanzas to generate more traffic that are classier than the old school style of artificial linking.

The graphic based created anticipation for their website long before they became live. Producing a teaser preview video, this incited people to sign up to their site. By the time their site opened, they have 60,000 people singing up and 8,500 following their Twitter.

Human Element
Some people call it exhibitionism but actually, it’s just a different form of connecting with people. Facebook users have been harangue for their exhibitionistic way of revealing information about their life via status, photos and videos. But if so many people are already doing it, would it still be called immodest? Or has the world just discovered a new lifestyle?

This brings us to the type of content writing that’s rising in this new SEO world, a more personalized style of writing. This is the kind of writing which has a more human element that appeals to the kind of generation that grew up with Facebook’s what’s on your mind environment.

Also known as story-telling, this generation has a penchant for hearing other people’s stories. People are tired of learning from the internet but instead, they’d prefer listening to experiences and learning from them instead. This is the kind of writing that has been attracting links and going viral, a more heart-centric way of expressing yourself.

Exactly like a world created out of nothing, there’s so much potential for the SEO. And its awaited death won’t be happening anytime soon. Watch as SEO reinvent itself in the coming months, which is what it has been doing for so long anyway.

img c/o pixabay

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