Local Search Marketing: Why Small Businesses Should Bank on It

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Some small businesses are not contemplating on investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They believe that it is not necessary because their target market does not encompass the whole of U.S. They will rather spend their advertising and promotion funds on traditional marketing strategies that will specifically reach potential clients in their city or town (and nearby areas). Obviously, they are not fully aware of the importance of SEO and the huge difference local search marketing, which is also offered by an SEO company in Arizona, can make for their respective businesses.

Users now prefer to search through the Internet to look for local businesses.
Why go around the community to find a local store and waste energy and, not to mention, spend for transportation and food if you can do it in one or few clicks? This is the general view of local shoppers now; hence, they prefer to do online search. The study of BIA/Kelsey revealed that an astounding 97% of consumers research for local products and services online, regardless if they are using their computers, smartphones and tablets to do this.

There is increased use of smartphones.
Consumers carry smartphones every day rather than paper copies of newspapers. According to MDG Advertising, mobile searches with the intention to search for a local product or service have shown dramatic increase. Similarly, 9 out of 10 individuals have used app for mobile shopping in the past one month.

Easy access and convenience are the primary reasons they opt to go online to find certain products and services. More important, online search offers timely and relevant results to local shoppers. If they want to go to, for instance, a restaurant near their location, they will be given a list of eating places related to their search in only a few seconds just by using their devices.

Shoppers value the information they get from their local search.
According to a survey, 71% of searchers say that they appreciate the data they get out of their local search. Twelve percent of them admit they find the results useful while 36% state that they view them as convenient.

Local search signifies real business.
When customers make local search through their mobile devices, it does not take another day for them to call for inquiries or do business already. It may only take a few minutes or hours because there is a sense of urgency whenever they do that.

Need we say more about the significance of launching local search marketing? Its impact is huge enough to change the way small firms should think about marketing their products and services. The Internet has played an important part in the way consumers search for and purchase from local businesses. Yes, believe it now or allow your business to suffer from your old-age methods of doing local marketing. Local search marketing should be a primary focus. Get the service of an SEO company in Arizona to help you out.

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