What is local SEO and Why do you need it?

Local SEO is an SEO technique that focuses on marketing local businesses online. This is great for targeting local customers who are searching for local businesses. In other words, local SEO is more focused on the local target market as compared to a wide international target market. However, the question here that a lot of business owners would ask is why you need local SEO. Here are a few reasons why:

Local Customers Are Looking for Local Businesses

More often than not, local customers are on the internet looking for businesses that cater to the local taste. In fact, according to a study backed by Google, four out of every five people want to see something local from ads and search results. With this in mind, it’s really better if you target your search rankings in Google, Bing, or Yelp locally because you’ll already have an existing market that is looking for you.

Trust Rating of Local Businesses from Local Customers is Very High

Trust is also a very important factor in the local market. Local customers tend to trust online business reviews a lot, especially if they come from local sources. With this reason alone, it is very important that your brand has a lot of good online business reviews from local reviewers to attract more customers.

Mobile Users Also Look for Local Businesses

A big chunk of internet buyers today are all mobile users, especially since the trend of mobile applications started to grow. Local customers are already looking for local businesses, so what more to say the population of local customers who are on their mobile phones? According to a survey done by Searchengineland, 78% of local mobile searches would end in an offline purchase. This means that you have 78% of the mobile user population locally to target. With this, you’d have to make your SEO techniques more adaptable to mobile local search results. This would cater to the local mobile users that can potentially become your website’s customers.

Local Names Make up the First Page of Local Search Results

If we’re talking about local search results, obviously the search results would showcase the local businesses first. With the concentrated local target market, you actually have a lot of room for opportunities to target the local market in local search results since Google or other search engines will prioritize the local names for the local search results. This gives an edge to the local businesses who offer a certain product or service as compared to the international brands that offer the same products or services.

Local Search Marketing is Very Specific

The tendency of local customers when searching locally would be to look for a specific type of business in their area. Local searchers or customers would usually look for a specific brand name of the business but don’t exactly know the name of the product or service. With this type of search tendency, it’s possible for you to position yourself in the situation to become the brand that these local searchers are looking for. All you have to do is to know what exactly your target market needs and use local SEO techniques like brand name + location or product name + location. This way, you can have an excellent spot in local search results. This can give you a lot of potential customers.

Local SEO is Cheaper Than Traditional Mediums of Advertising

When targeting the local market, most people would take to the newspapers, the magazines, the local radio stations, street billboards, or local television. Although all of those forms of advertising are very effective, they are also very costly. With local SEO, though, you don’t spend much. All you have to know is how to apply the techniques and you’re good to go. You may also hire an SEO specialist to help you, but it won’t cost as much as putting up an ad in a magazine or on TV.

Local Traditional Advertising is Not As Prominent Anymore

Unlike in the olden days when people had to rely on the television, the newspaper, or the magazines to search for products or services, nowadays people can just Google them. This is evident in the decline in newspaper/magazine subscriptions, and the rise of local business portals and online advertising.

The Local Market is Easier to Target

Why is the local market easier to target? This is simply because the local market is very concentrated and very accurate with their needs and wants. It is also easier because if you are residing in that area, you know what exactly they need or want from your business. As compared to an international clientele, local markets’ conversion rates are actually higher since you have greater chance of providing what they are looking for. Couple this knowledge with right local SEO techniques and you’ll be able to reach your customers quickly. As stated above, Google prioritizes the local names for local search results which is why you can get local customers easily. There is actually a goldmine in the local market as long as you know how to go about it.

Those are some of the reasons as to why local SEO is a really big thing these days. With Google’s algorithm evolving, we now see more relevance in local SEO because Google (along with other search engines) will now differentiate what the local people want and what the people all over the globe want. With this, targeting local clientele will be easier and more effective. For these very reasons, you have to know how to do local SEO to open more windows of opportunity for your business.

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