Tips to Effective Email Marketing

Tips to Effective Email Marketing

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Who hasn’t completely ignored email, marked it as spam or deleted it immediately? If you find that your efforts at email marketing are getting the same treatment, you are not really grabbing the attention of your readers effectively. Maybe, your call to action does not scream out Click Me! Or your subject line does not yell out Open Me! Believe it or not, marketing using email is a very powerful tool to get clicks on your site, as long as you are not spamming your list of subscribers heartlessly. Get messages straight to your prospects and clients with every email. This can be a way of making your relationship with your current customers even stronger.
Are you getting the rate of return you have been hoping for with your email marketing tools? Online entrepreneurs using tools for email marketing such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and Hubspot, among others, might be getting the rate of returns they have hoped for.
As email strategists, we recommend that every test aspect needs to focus on your email’s main call to action. The Click to Open Rate needs to be the priority. As more and more mail flood the inboxes of customers, how do you know that they are even opening your mail? For small businesses using their email to try to drive in more revenue, what measures success? Here are a few tips to effective email marketing.

Is Your Subject Line Clear?

It is far more effective to use a subject line that clearly informs the reader what the email contains and content describing what you are giving them which generates emotions immediately such as fear, urgency or curiosity. Next, give a call to action nothing short of enticing which drives them to the offers on a landing page, where you content resides. At times, this might result in less opens but more click to open rate. Think about it, however, what is more valuable? Getting people to open mail and then deleting the mail before reading it? Or actually getting conversions from clicks driving them to the right pages? The answer is conversions, as this should be the main goal of your email marketing campaign.

What Is Your Goal?

When you send out emails it is important to know exactly what your goal is. Most folks think they need to focus on the subject line to get people to open their mail. Others focus solely on rates of opening, which drive every click. However, what you will most likely find is that there is very little connection between the email content and the subject line. When people open mail on their computers but don’t really find their expected content, they delete or click off right away. Even with good content, most folks don’t give it a chance if it’s not related to the subject line. Rather, think about the audience you are targeting. What will offer them the best value in terms of content? The fastest method of creating email content that is meaningful is to be empathetic to the concerns and needs of your audience. This will be valuable not just to your target audience but also to you.

Having a Clean List

Take time to actually track segments you are targeting. It will make a big difference to keep track of your list in your e-commerce software. It is not a good idea to assume everyone is going to be interested in what you have to offer, so don’t spam them. For instance, just send the time sensitive offer to persons on the list of those who have actually bought your products in the past or looked at your products. Check to detect their interest before you take any further action.

Your Call to Action Matters

Write directly to your target audience in a concise email and make sure you explain what the direct click benefit from them is. A clear call to action is Buy One Get One Free. A call to action that is even more time sensitive is Buy One Get One Free This Week Only. Readers will want to leverage curiosity and truly want to click that link. Pique reader’s curiosity by letting them know that there is more valuable stuff for their benefit coming soon. This gets every reader to click the link straight to your site, which is where you want them to go. Hacked By BALA SNIPER

Open to Send Ratio Measurements

Hopefully if you have a good list of segmented people that have opted in, your ration for open and send will be high. What does success mean? This depends on the campaign and the industry. Instead of looking at the benchmarks of someone else, begin to focus on where you are at the moment. Using best practices, create the objective of moving this up a few percentages.

Do a Dry Run

Doing a dry run before you do a massive launch for your email campaign is highly recommended. Take two ideas that you think will be effective and send each idea out to a group of thirty to fifty. See which idea performs better by taking a look at the metrics. When you do this, it will be easy to know which call to action and subject lines are your definitive, clear winners.

Measure Your Every Success

When your CTOR or higher than your OR, this is a measure of your success. What this tells you is that more folks opened your mail and converted. On your website measurements can be done by Google Analytics. You get a great idea of the whole funnel if you set this up properly. However, it can be complicated for folks just beginning, as this takes effort and time to design. One platform that connects shopping carts and tracks reports is MailChimp, which could benefit you as a budding entrepreneur. Measure success for every marketing play you implement. This includes an email campaign.
Email marketing is very powerful, once you harness its power using these tips mentioned here. If you have other tips that worked for you in your email campaign, we would love to hear them. Please share them in the comments below.

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