Top SEO Practices In 2020

Content: Quality versus Quantity

Delivering highly optimized quality content would continue to influence the ranking of your page. However, drastic changes in Google Algorithm updates would mean some SEO practices we have been observing could no longer be relevant in the coming years.

Therefore, optimizing your content to fit google algorithm updates is a vital step to ensure better placement on search engines. 

To guarantee the quality of your content, you have to connect with your audience and be able to answer their needs effectively. Make sure it’s a satisfying read for the customer by providing them helpful, detailed information regarding the topic. Analyze possible subtopics that can be built up to create new content. Doing so secures the foundation of content. 

Google’s latest algorithm updates point to the fact that it is aiming toward providing the most relevant and trusted content based on the intent of the user, and not solely rely on targeted keywords.

Work on Your Internal Links

Internal links remain a good way of maximizing the output of your website. Internal links are links that redirect your visitors to other pages of your website, either to a new blog, an image or other types of multimedia. 

Effectively strategizing with your internal links would help your website with its bounce rate, which could directly affect the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) of your website as a whole.

Google’s launch of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representation of Transformers) update to its core search algorithm, helps them discern the true intent of the searcher. So, positive EAT would help you go up in SEO rankings. Of course, quality content is still a major factor behind this strategy.

Long-tail keywords

Are a group of keywords, usually 3-5 words, in a single search query. They are search terms that are considered having lower search volume and rankings. This is because long-tail keywords are much more specific than their short-tail counterpart.

Though this might be the case, long-tail keywords are observed to have a higher conversion rate. For example, if a person searches for a head term “SEO content” they might just be trying to study what SEO content means, but if a person searched for “SEO content creator Arizona” they might be closer to buying your products or services.

If you are using head terms (short-tailed keywords), your page would have way more competition, so it’s less likely to come up on the first result page. Because long-tailed keywords are more specific, you generally cut down the competition for your target consumers.

Featured Snippets

Commonly being referred to as Position Zero. Using featured snippets to your advantage can help you get more organic traffic, despite not being in the number 1 spot on the search results.

Your content should be rich and informative, targeting different keywords and providing relevant search terms to catch the intent of the searcher. 54.68% of clicks from the search engine Google, which means they have the lion’s share of search engine clicks.

This new addition to Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) also makes it possible for zero-click searches, in other words, you’re less likely to convert from these searches. Having this knowledge, you would be able to choose what keywords convert your page visitors to customers.

User Experience/Mobile Optimization

The previous SEO techniques that were discussed emphasize the importance of your content’s quality and efficacy. However, excellent digital experiences have been more in demand than ever. Negative user experience could result in a huge loss to your sales.

Quality content indeed helps your site to retain visitors, reduce bounce rates and rank you up the SERPs. This also applies for exceptional user experience and keep your target consumers happy.

To maximize user experience, your page should prioritize and be optimized for mobile searches. This one is pretty obvious since most people prefer to use their mobile phones when searching for something. Aside from the fact that it is mobile after all, meaning they can use it anytime, they need it, improving your SEO ranking.

Voice Search Optimization

The growing use of mobile phone and voice assistant gadgets paved the way for voice search as it is more convenient and readily available especially when a user is in a rush. Another factor to be considered is the rise of home voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Voice pod, and Google assistant.

Much like mobile and UX optimization, voice search is set to change the course of SEO. It is predicted that 50% of all internet searches would be through voice. Hence, jumping into this trend can help generate more organic traffic to your website and helping your content to stand out.

Produce Visual Content

Including video content is a crucial step in your SEO strategy. Millennials and younger internet users have been observed to get information from visual content like infographics but most importantly, videos.

Video content is expected to capture a broader audience since it has the potential to maximize engagement. People have been spending more time watching youtube videos now more than ever. 

If you have quality content and its title and descriptions are optimized, it could be a promising asset to your SEO strategy, video content is also easily shared through other social media handles, maximizing the reach of your content.

Aside from video content, infographics have gained popularity as well and it has a similar potential as the video content to reach new potential consumers.

Prioritize Local SEO

Since SERPs have been optimized and updated to show the most relevant content, targeting local SEO could prove beneficial to your strategy. This trend is exceptionally effective for local establishments and services that practice face-to-face contact with its customers.

Creating local content could also dramatically influence your EAT and help you rank up through locally-focused search queries. 


Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of every modern business that is trying to compete effectively in today’s market. Using one or a combination of these SEO trends could help your website extend its reach to potential customers and clients.

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