Yellowpages releases local insight report

img c/o pixabay, one of the leading local directory site, has recently released a local insights digital report for the 3rd quarter of 2012. The YP local insights report is based on internal data from over 500 million searches and 10 billion impressions in the Q2 of 2012. Listed below are some of the findings in the report which may convince you to go ahead and optimize for local search.

The numbers:

  • There are 18 million listings across 4,600 business categories
  • The site has 11 million mobile unique users per month
  • There are 2 billion searches on the site per year

What local searchers are searching for.


1. Restaurant
2. Financial services
3. Beauty services
4. Auto repair and services
5. Real estate
6. Physicians and surgeons
7. Auto parts
8. Building contractors
9. Legal services
10. Materials, equipment and supplies

Now although the list above are what the local searchers are currently looking for, there had been a category search growth in the last quarter:

1. Pool and spa services – 86%
2. Boats and boating – 80%
3. Outdoor recreation – 76%
4. Home and garden – 59%
5. Book stores – 47%
6. Grocery stores – 42%
7. Heating and AC contractors – 42%
8. Landscape and lawn services – 41%
9. Sports and recreational activities – 40%
10. Bus lines – 28%

In the US, more people own smartphones than a toothbrush. And what’s a digital report without any data on mobile?

Growth Categories Mobile:

1. Outdoor recreation – 106%
2. Landscape and law services – 100%
3. Home and garden – 90%
4. Sports and recreational services – 65%
5. Tourist information and attractions – 46%

Other mobile information that might interest you:

1. iOS in-app adds on YP yielded nearly 47% higher click through rates than android in-app ads.
2. Businesses in health care and fitness, reference and multimedia properties received the highest CTR

Take away
If you have a business and your brand isn’t represented on Yellowpages or other local search listing sites, then you’re missing out on potential growth of your business. Interested in engaging in a local search campaign? Call us!


check out the full report here. img c/o Thoursie & arinas74

img c/o pixabay

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