11 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram for Business

11 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram for Business

You have your own business? That’s great! You have an Instagram account? Perfect! Now, do you know how to combine both to maximize your business potential? Instagram now has more than 300 million users and a lot of businesses are taking the opportunity to maximize this platform for brand loyalty, popularity, and profit.

It’s not all about the numbers of the users on the platform; it’s more about who the users are. Around 70% of the users on Instagram are shoppers who get brand updates through the brand’s profile. Most of them follow a brand’s Instagram profile just because they like the brand.  Making the correct posts and knowing how to make a creative profile can make a world of difference.

Most shoppers use social media to get ideas on what to buy and the latest trends. Here’s how we can get their attention and earn more for our business.

  • Keep Business and Personal separate

Business is business. People who would be looking into your brand’s IG account would expect to find your products and where they can avail them. Your selfies from your most recent trip or vacation should be kept out of your business account. They are irrelevant to your business and would not boost your sales.

  • Create an account bio that would make an impression

Before people hit the follow button on your brand’s IG, they will go through your account bio. Making a lasting good impression on the first contact is always good for business. Users reading your account bio will be the first step in making the business successful.

Be creative and catchy in your bio. Make sure that they will be informed about what your brand is about and what you do. Put in information that will give them a sense of the culture and values of your business. Avoid sounding like an advertisement. Just be fun, simple, and informative.

  • A creative profile picture

One of the easiest marketing tools for your business is your brand’s face. A creative profile picture will lure in users to view and follow your brand’s IG. Instagram gives you 180×180 pixels to give your account a face, make sure to use it well. Having an eye-catching and creative, as well as a consistent brand profile picture, is an easy way to find and keep potential customers.

An easy way to start off your business account and strengthen your brand’s image is to use your business logo as a profile picture. You can simply edit and spice it up to match the seasons, holidays, and promos to boost brand popularity and sales.

  • Prominent name display

Your username is a vital step in developing your brand. All your efforts on your bio, profile picture, and your posting will mean nothing if people don’t even know your brand name. If you can’t use your brand name as your username, choose one that is closely related or a catchphrase that will make your brand stand out. Make sure that the username is consistent in all of your social media accounts for the business so that people know how to find you.

  • Link your business website in your bio

Including a direct link to your business website will increase traffic to your site and lead to a lot of sales. Instagram does not allow direct links to sites on your posts or comments. Your bio will be your only avenue to put up a direct link to your website or to any other social media platform you use for your business. Make sure that you include the link in your bio and that your business is reachable via that link.

  • No Hard Selling

Your main goal is to boost the sales of your business. This doesn’t mean that you have to be like that annoying door to door salesman or telemarketer. You want users to follow your account, not turn them off and leave a bad taste. Using creative visuals will show how great your products are and that users can make their own decisions without the pressure coming from your brand.

People usually listen to their friends regarding their buying attitude; however, 38% say that they are more influenced by brands that have a social media presence. Turning the 38% into loyal customers would lead to higher sales due to the word of mouth results of them recommending the brand to their friends.

  • Creative yet professional posts

Instagram, as a visual social media platform, takes the power of product photos to a whole other level. 67% of customers say that an informative product photo has greater influence in their purchases than product details or customer ratings. Post product photos that are creative, unique, and attention-grabbing.

Always think that your brand is on social media to make a relationship and share cultures with your followers. If your brand has built a strong relationship with your followers, then they will surely come to you when they are ready to shop. You already have a connection, and that makes them more comfortable to transact with your business.

  • Promotions and contests

Who doesn’t get excited with special promotions and contests? Offering exclusive promotions and unique contests to your followers is a sure way to accumulate followers and strengthen your brand image. 41% of customers say that they will follow brands to take advantage of discounts, giveaways, and other spiffs.

A huge number of businesses have taken advantage of this fact to boost sales across all social media platforms. The best thing to remember is the reason why users are using Instagram in the first place. Focus your promotions or contests on pictures and hashtags. Ask your followers to post a picture and hashtag about a topic connected to your business. The best picture hashtag combo wins!

  • Hashtag your way to success

Instagram is not a search engine. That much all of us already know. It does have a search function though, and the most popular searches are hashtags. Make sure that you get the hashtags that are relevant to your posts to get the highest exposure for your brand and business.

The best thing about using hashtags instead of keywords is that you can use as many hashtags as you want at the end of your post. You just need to know how many and which hashtags to use. You can search for your hashtag ideas and check out who is using them, or you can check out the top 100 hashtags on Websta.

Original hashtags are usually more successful for big brands. If you really want to have an original hashtag, go back to the previous bullet. Make it a contest! You can ask your followers to use your own original hashtag as one condition to win. This will help in carving out your brand and make your original hashtag become a trend.

  • Geo-tags: Let them know where you are

How can customers buy from you if they don’t know where you are? Instagram offers geotagging, but not many brands take advantage of this feature. Businesses that use the geotags get higher engagement from their posts. Geo-tagging your location makes it easier for customers to find you, increase traffic for your business, multiply your potential customers, and boost your sales!

It is always more assuring to the customers when they know your brand’s exact location. It’s like the difference of buying from your local grocer downtown instead of ordering something from craigslist.

  • Schedule your posts

Unless you have a particular person managing your social media accounts, it is most likely that you do not have enough time to manage your brand’s IG. Most brands make an average of 6 posts per week. This is the best way to promote your brand without spamming your followers.

How will you know when is the best time to post? Track your IG density. This will help you know which days and times of the day are your followers more active on IG and looking at your posts. Doing this will help in scheduling your posts to achieve maximum likes and comments.


There are a lot more ways to boost up your Instagram to be ready for business purposes. These steps are here as a start off point for your social media business career. Follow these vital steps and you are on your way to a bright online business. Good luck and see you on Instagram!


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