Avoid Being Burned: Things to Know About SEO Companies

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Half the world is still unfamiliar with the realm of Internet. For them online speak is like Martian talk: completely gibberish to their ears. Take SEO or search engine optimization, for example, half the population wouldn’t know that from Adam.  And sometimes people who are opening new sites or launching a newer version because their old one wasn’t working just leave it to the internet people to handle it. To them, its computer geeks talking that they don’t have to know.

But on the contrary, it’s precisely why you know nothing about it that you should give it more attention. Hiring an SEO Company to work or rework your site that you can trust isn’t an easy task. These days, a website is the all-in-one stop shop for your company. It’s advertising, it’s a directory, and it’s the purchasing department. It’s the window of the world to your company. You have to be in good hands in setting it up.

So what are the things you should know to avoid being burned by a sly SEO Company?

Email Spam
This may sound like common knowledge to some people but as Google said, even they’re being sent spam on the email by SEO companies telling them they’re not on major search engines. Some SEO companies can be just so imaginative that even if they advertise their services via email, people get hooked and sign them up.

Be cautious of unknown SEO companies that send you email. They’re on your spam mail for the same reason why diet pills are on your spam folder.

For Their Eyes Only
SEO firms who wouldn’t share their strategy in building up your site aren’t a good practice. It’s like hiring an accountant who wouldn’t tell you why you’re paying this much taxes. When the IRS gets on your back about wrong tax-filing, it’s still your answerability.

Same with SEO companies, when you don’t understand what’s going on some firms, especially when they’re being secretive, may be doing some hanky-panky already, which you’ll end up being accountable for.

Being Number 1
If the SEO Firm promised making you number one in the Google ranking, run for the door. Like Rome, ranking isn’t built in a day. Usually you see improvements on your site within a 3 to 6 month time-frame. And even if they were able to get you a number one ranking, this is a half-baked job of patch-ups to wow you. But they wouldn’t normally last. The 3 to 6 month time frame is intensive work to strengthen your site’s foundation.

Last rule of the game is do research, like anything else you’ll pay big bucks for. That’s the only way you won’t get burned.

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