Choosing the Best Professional SEO Company to Work With

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not new to you; you have been doing it since the day you launched your website. You feel frustrated, however, because your site is still not ranking well. You think it is unfair considering that you have exerted all your efforts for it. In fact, you have already forgotten about your other important business tasks only to be able to concentrate on SEO. Maybe, it is time to realize that you need the assistance of an expert. But with so many organizations out there, what will be your preferences in choosing the best professional SEO company to work with?

#1 Experience
Hire an SEO firm that has been around for several years. The more years it has been in the business, the more clients they have possibly worked with. Just think that it will not survive that long if it has not optimized a lot of websites. You can then count this number of years as their level of expertise.

#2 Supported Results
After experience, proof of success must be the next thing that you should look into to help you decide which SEO organization to choose. If they are confident enough, the companies in your shortlist should be able to provide you with a list of their clients, including their website addresses. You can then check for yourself if they are ranking well and you can likewise study other aspects of their SEO campaigns, such as the effectiveness of the keywords they used and other strategies they implemented.

#3 Satisfied Clients
Similar to item No. 2, the SEO company that you should hire should be confident to give you the contact information of at least three of their clients so you can personally discuss a few things with them. You can as questions, such as:
· How long (or how short) did it take for their websites to land in the top results of the search engine pages?
· What were the highest rankings they have received so far?
· Did the company live up to their promises?
· Were they satisfied with the level of support they received?

#4 Level of Support
In choosing the best professional SEO company to work with, you should exert an effort to check if they can give you the level of support you need in terms of communication. It should be able to answer all your concerns immediately. You will be fortunate enough if you can find one that will assign a dedicated support staff for easy communication.

#5 Customized Campaigns
The organization should design a campaign that is tailored for your needs. It should convey to you all the specifics, including the benchmarks for each stage of the campaign. In this way, you are aware if they are able to perform their responsibilities well.

# Satisfactory Results
It should not promise you the No. 1 spot in search engine results pages for each keyword. No one can guarantee this because SEO is unpredictable. It should only promise you satisfactory results or higher position in the first page listing. In case Google made a Panda refresh, it should also be able to guarantee adjustments in campaigns immediately.

How to Find the SEO Company that’s Right for You
But where will you find the SEO firm that has all the aspects mentioned above?

Ask from friends in the industry.
Your co-business owners may have hired SEO specialists even before you realize it. Ask referrals from them. You may also check their websites and see where each of them land in the search engine rankings.

Search for them over the Internet.
The Internet can give you a huge list of businesses that offer SEO services. Check the content of their websites. Review their rates and services, as well as their client feedbacks. You may also want to do background investigation and see if they are among those that received negative reviews from customers through Better Business Bureau and Ripoff Report. More important, you have to check the ranking of their websites. If they can’t help themselves to get higher search engine ranking, how can they possible assist you?

Choosing the best professional SEO company to work with requires your efforts. You should spend money to a business that will literally place you higher in search engine rankings. This visibility will consequently generate traffic, promote brand awareness and positive conversion of visits into sales.

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