E-Mail Marketing Tips for Smaller Businesses

One great way of reaching clients without really having to shell out a ton of money is through email marketing. Contrary to what you might think it is also a huge responsibility. After all, email addresses aren’t just handed out freely by people to whoever wants it. When you are thinking of a newsletter, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

What Can We Expect from You?

Whether you plan to send weekly tips, daily deals, e-commerce sales, letters from the president or company updates, it is a good idea to let your readers know what they can expect from you and how frequently you plan to send them updates. As much as possible, give them as much information on the form that they are signing up in. This way, they can decide to be on the list or not with a clear picture of what’s to come.

Ease in Subscribing

Don’t make it hard for individuals to sign up. On your homepage, you might want to post a signup form. If you have a Facebook page or a blog, you might want to do the same thing.  You might want to collect birthdays and names for a gift or a special offer. If you want to invite your readers to join a group, you can offer them something as well. It will turn people off if your fields for signing up are much too long. Keep it short and simple and you should be quite successful.


It is a commitment to send a newsletter regularly. If you go month after month of not sending anything out, you will be forgotten by your subscribers. They will most likely delete your next email as spam. Instead, regularly send newsletters. Plan, design and write your letters in ample time. Even an editor needs editing. When you are creating letters, make sure to leave time for the process of editing and revising. Once you start your campaign, everything goes straight to their mailboxes so you won’t be able to update any errors. Sloppy content will reflect badly on you. You will need to take note of style and grammar as much as you do for blogs and websites.

Look Like Your Brand

Rather than just selecting a generic template to send letters with on email, it is a good idea to make letters look like your brand. Matching the feel and look of your brand will help strengthen your email campaign. The reason is that your company logo and colors on the email template will help your readers remember your brand itself. When you have consistent emails to the content of your company, readers will feel at home immediately.

Don’t Forget a Welcome Email!

It is a good idea to let people know what to expect in the coming months from you. You might send special offers or exclusive content to new subscribers. This is one way of saying thank you to the loyalty of your subscribers.

What Do Readers Want?

One way of keeping your subscribers loyal is by sending people content they actually prefer to read. Keep your subject relevant to your readers. Make sure you know what readers want and deliver the goods to them. If you are having a sale at an actual store, send this information just to people within your store’s zip code. It really won’t make sense to send people information they don’t want. Particularly if you want to keep your readers loyal.

Let Them Scan It

Making your email letters scannable will be an advantage for you. The fact is, everyone is busy these days and it is safer to assume that you won’t have people’s undivided attention. Rather than a long monologue, why don’t you break up your email into shorter paragraphs with images and subheadings? This will make it easier for your readers to scan and will help guide them through each letter. Tell the readers what’s in store by adding a big teaser on the newsletter top. If you are sending a long letter, think about adding in a link that says ‘read more’ so that your readers can read the rest at their convenience. At the same time, they won’t be turned off by the long letter. Keep everything short and sweet. Don’t use big words. On the subject line, keep everything short and easy. See which ones perform best by doing two different subject lines and see which ones get opened more.

Go Mobile

Most people now check their mail on their mobile devices. Your email will need to show up just as well on a mobile device as on a regular computer screen. Make sure every email you send is mobile-friendly. In fact, most people would delete or close mail that is not optimized for their cell phones. You might as well stay ahead of the process and begin using a template that responds to every kind of device.


Different emails display differently on mobile devices and email clients. Send a test email to a colleague or relative to double check how it appears before clicking the button to send to everyone on the list. Make sure your email looks just as good on small and big screens. This is a good thing to do so that you can catch errors and mistakes before it is too late.

The Rules of Spam

Many email marketers mistakenly send spam just because they don’t know the rules. For this reason, it is a good idea to know the rules. Read up on the spam rules and make sure you don’t send people email they did not sign up for. In every email, make sure you include a link that says unsubscribe. Remind the readers that they signed up for your list. Don’t send bulk mail to people who are not on the list.

Knowing all there is to know about what to do before you launch your email marketing campaign will go a long way towards achieving success.

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