Enhance Your Branding Through Twitter

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Personalize your business’ Twitter profile by tweaking some features on your account. Start updating your company’s brand or image by taking advantage of the wonders social media giants like Twitter has in store.

Image is always crucial. In order to look good or convey a sense of uniqueness or an air of respectability, men and women dress the part. Nowadays style is up to par with content, especially when it comes to social media. A great business has a signature method to display and flaunt its style. Currently it is imperative that business owners become updated with all the trends regarding social media and online marketing. Social media has taken the whole world by storm, and it is a great way to promote your fledgling business.

However you have to provide the right tools in order to gain presence online. One of the quickest way to make your business shine is to utilize and take advantage of what twitter has to offer. Twitter is a microblogging site that lets its members share their current activities and thoughts anytime they feel like it. These days, savvy business folks have used Twitter to promote their products or services. You too, can avail of the benefits Twitter can provide your ventures. Put together your Twitter brand pages right away and use these recommended tips.

1. Of late, you can now upload a cover photo for your Twitter page. Cover pictures permit companies and small businesses to upload a bigger photo together with including the brand’s short bio, location and username. It is an excellent opportunity to make your brand’s personality show up. You can also rope in a call to action in the form of a link that will guide your visitors to a decision you want them to do. Evaluate your Twitter audience’s concerns and produce a personalized call to action.

2. Twitter has a paid feature that you can implement in your social campaign. Brand pages can avail of the option to post a tweet and get it featured on top of its Twitter feed. This is a cool tool to emphasize promotions, campaigns of the moment or recommendations you’d like to focus on for an extended period. You can include visually compelling images and videos on it to better demonstrate what you are pushing for.

3. Custom backgrounds are a nice way to get identified. Back then, users or visitors of a certain brand expect to spot its company name, logo and links on its background. But this can be a hindrance and it is not appealing visually or aesthetically. Nowadays users are appreciative of minimalistic layouts and spreads. You can make your custom backgrounds using a design software. Here are quick tips to create your own personalized Twitter background:

Be aware of the required measurements Twitter expects its users to follow. That way, your image will come out crisp and clear. Twitter backgrounds are fixed in one spot thus the image won’t scroll down as users go down a profile page.

The timeline or your Twitter feeds is generally fixed in the very center of your Twitter screen. Therefore you have to arrange your background in a way that it won’t be overpowered by your Twitter feed. Inspect that the image and the text are totally on view on any screen size. To be safe, mark your image to 300 pixels horizontally. Outline your design space by clicking on the vertical ruler and tug until the line hits 300 on the ruler. It serves as a gauge for you to keep your design in the designated zone.

Choose a background right after fixing your design space. You can choose to make your background just one color for a more uniform, minimalist approach. You can also include a picture as a background. Always remember though that you have to own the rights to the picture you choose. Reflect on how it will show up once a portion of it gets hidden by the Twitter feed.

The next step would have to be adding text on the 300 pixel wide column you have made. Keep your text simple and direct and it should also indicate your business’ identity. After all, Twitter is the home of 140-character status posts. Users of this site are accustomed to quick, direct posts. In addition, they also respond better to spic and span designs.

Save your file to the computer and be sure to save it in three file forms Twitter recognizes: GIF, JPG or PNG. Remember that Twitter only accepts files not bigger than 800k.

Finally you can now upload the background. Go to your Twitter profile and choose Settings. It can be found in the drop-down menu just below your Twitter username. Click on the Design tab and choose Change Background Image. Upload your background image and save it right after.

With your Twitter account’s image revved up and spanking new, your business is ready for the viewing, and of course, more users seeing your enhanced brand and even gain followers. Aesthetics are always a good thing to take note of. People can be stirred up by visuals thus managing how your website and social networking profiles look is a great measure. Most importantly, if you want to maximize your foray in the online business flow, you can take advantage of what excellent web designers and graphic artists can do for you. There are plenty of SEO companies all over the US today, and if ever you are based in Arizona, you can always pay a visit to Arizona SEO firms and talk to their designers and graphic artists.

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