Increase Traffic on Your Blog With These Easy SEO Suggestions

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There are probably millions, if not, billions of people with blogs at this time. The rise of the World Wide Web has paved the way for virtual communication all over the world. Forums, online journals and social networking rapidly multiplied, providing ways to make people from all nations broadcast their thoughts. Now, a blog is a useful tool to present your ideas and even advertise your craft or services.

All you need to showcase your services or business though, is to augment your traffic, that’s what Arizona SEO experts say. More visitors on your site will bring you relevancy to the folks at Google AdSense and other advertising networks. In addition, sponsors will come a-knocking on your (blog) door once you generate tons of hits. But how can one boost traffic on his or her site? Listed below are ways to make people drop by on your blog often.

1. Social Bookmarking

Have you ever come across sites like Buzzfeed, Stumble Upon, Pinterest and Reddit? Now those sites mentioned are called social bookmarking sites. This kind of site is a consolidated inline service wherein users are given the freedom to add, edit, add footnotes and impart bookmarks of web documents they find interesting. They are usually overlooked by bloggers but if you want to gain followers or visitors, social bookmarking sites are a useful way to improve your traffic. You can share your blog’s latest update and it’s totally free.

2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO applies to methods one can use exclusively on his or her blog or homepage. Some on-page SEO techniques include adding Meta tags, the use of heading tags and placing major keywords in the titles. By using those mentioned techniques, your blog will be a lot more search engine friendly and user-friendly as well. It’s a technique as old as time (in Internet years) but it’s still a neat trick for newbies to take advantage of.

3. Internal Linking

Internal linking is also popularly known as inbound linking or simply backlink. It is a hyperlink that connects from a particular site page back to your own blog or homepage. These links are crucial in making your site’s presence known online. It can determine the popularity or relevance of your blog or site. Search engines like Google often consider blogs and websites with loads of backlinks more important in search results pages, that’s why some of them show up more prominently. Using the internal linking method will make your site search engine friendly thus, more visitors will drop by.

4. Heading Tags

Heading tags are HTML components which consist of the tags like <h1> or </h1>. The first tag means the ensuing text is the header while the second tag refers to the part when the heading stops. This is another tool to make your blog more search engine friendly. When optimizing a webpage, heading tags are one of the most crucial SEO aspects to consider since they assist search engines to understand the pecking order of your blog’s content. For example the page title will be given the top spot on your blog and it will contain important keywords as well.

5. Keyword Researching

Keyword researching can be a tedious job thus bloggers often ignore this important task. However it is actually one of the most valuable SEO techniques you can apply on your blog or site. Keyword researching basically means looking for moderately sought keywords on search engines like Google. By using this method, your blog does not have to struggle for keywords among other sites or blogs. It will give your blog decent traffic as well.

By employing these easy methods, you can now wait and surprise yourself with a boost in traffic. But if you want faster and more guaranteed results, you can always ask the help of a Phoenix SEO company. There are plenty of SEO firms all over who are willing to assist clients in reaching their goals. If you want to start small though, you can always employ these easy tips for your benefit.

img c/o pixabay

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