SEO Statistics that You Should Not Ignore

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Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) truly give value, particularly to small businesses? But how is this possible? Can somebody just start an online business and make the necessary advertisement and promotion? Well, these may still help but SEO offers better assistance. Let the numbers justify why you should invest in SEO and hire an SEO company in Arizona.

Stats not to ignore #1: Google covers 65 to 70% of the market share in search engines. This is an obvious reason 55% of company respondents for the State of Search Engine Marketing Report 2010 are allocating more of their online advertising and marketing funds in Google, as compared to 47% and 26% of firms that allotted their finances for Bing and Yahoo, respectively. For July 2013 statistics from comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report, Google sites had 67% US search market share, followed by Bing at 17.9% and Yahoo at 11.3%.

Stats not to ignore #2: Over 175 billion worldwide online searches were recorded in December 2012, 65% or 115 billion of which were made at Google. Google surpassed its strongest competition, China’s search giant Baidu, by over 100 billion searches. At third rank is Yahoo with 4.9%. Come July 2013, the numbers has changed, with Google still leading the pack at 83.13%. Baidu was down at fourth with 1.2%. Yahoo came next to Google with 8.4%. Bing entered the competition at third with 5.8%.

Stats not to ignore #3: Another reason you should get the service of an SEO company in Arizona: Any business should give importance to content marketing. Per the report of Marketing Sherpa, Distribion, a marketing automation firm, achieved 2,000% increase in blog traffic and 40% improvement in revenue.

Stats not to ignore #4: From 24% in 2008 to 56% in 2012, year 2012 saw a staggering increase of US individuals (with ages 12 and above) who had accounts in social networking sites. Fifty-four percent (which comprised 143 million people) of this 56% were into Facebook. Thirteen percent were present at LinkedIn, 10% Twitter and 8% Google+. Among the respondents of Social Habit 2012 by Edison Research who followed companies or brands through their social media accounts, 79% used Facebook, 9% Twitter and 7% others. From those who accessed social media at least once a month, almost 50% revealed that Facebook carried an influence in their decisions to buy.

Stats not to ignore #5: Seventy percent of the links users went through are organic. On the other hand, 79% of users of search engines said they often (if not always) opted for natural search results. Eighty percent of search engine users admitted they rarely or never chose sponsored search results.

Firms that carried blog pages have over 400% more pages that are indexed. This is tantamount to saying that businesses with more indexed pages obtain more leads. Certainly, it is for this reason slightly over 80% of companies considered blogging as an asset.

What does SEO mean with these interesting statistics? SEO is not a gamble that every small business has to play. It is an investment that is worth taking. Hire an SEO company in Arizona because it can lead you to the right directions.

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