SEO: What NOT to Do

SEO What NOT to Do

There are so many diverse ways SEO can work and one thing you will love about it is that there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. On the other hand, there are a few things you should never do as these can be destructive or counterproductive to your brand. The reason these methods still exist is that some companies have not yet realized that things have changed. Others are due to hopes and dreams that no longer reflect reality. Here are a few things to keep in mind NOT to do when it comes to SEO.

Rank Fixations

To measure your SEO campaign’s health, keyword ranking is a good metric. However, this is just one way of doing it. Also, ranking is not everything. For instance you hold the number one rank on ten keywords. On the surface, this sounds great. However, what if the volume of searches for these keywords is not really significant. Do you know whether people really are clicking through your website? Don’t fixate on keywords as this may cause you to make the wrong interpretations.

Say No to Fluff

Every content piece you make adds a new page and a new title to the index of Google. Your users then have more content to read. There are also more opportunities to index and to get inbound and conversion links. Thus, it seems when it comes to content, the more the merrier. The only thing is newbie optimizers tend to get immersed in this thought and begin to churn out high quantities of content rather than creating valuable content. Quantity over quality is referred to as fluff. In SEO early days, this may have helped. Today, however, fluff content not only decreases conversion rates, traffic and irritates readers; it also brings down search engine rankings.

Linking Schemes

When it comes to an SEO strategy, one essential component is link building. However, it is going to hurt you to try and build authority through the use of linking schemes. Webmasters are explicitly warned by Google against using linking schemes including exotic tactics, link exchanges and paid links. Generally, any link that you build with the exclusive and deliberate purpose of increasing your rank will be considered harmful and unnatural. Thus, your authority might be dragged down and your content flagged as spam. Stay safe by guest posting and sticking to tactics like organic link building.

Stuffed with Keywords

In the world of SEO today, the issue of keywords is divisive. Some argue that these still have value for target audiences while others feel that keywords have no more relevance. No matter what the case may be, whether you are using keywords as a strategy or have completely abandoned their use, remember that it is a bad idea to stuff your content with keywords incessantly.

Thanks to the updated Hummingbird semantic search tool of Google, there is no longer a chance of ranking when you stuff your content with keywords. The worst part is that your content will get ranked even lower. Your audience will hate reading content stuffed with keywords, so it really is a no-win situation.

Knowing what not to do when it comes to SEO will bring you further up the ranks.

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