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Social media has taken over the world. There are practically billions of social media users from all over the globe enjoying their accounts from sites like Facebook, MySpace, Livejournal, Google+ and most especially Twitter. The microblogging site with its 140-character per post has now added useful features that will surely make your brand and your company’s image stand out. As we all know, these days social media is a powerful tool in the world of promotions and advertising. Social campaigns have become the norm in terms of marketing and endorsing your business.

Prominent businesses are always armed with methods to make their brand familiar to the masses. Therefore, you should ponder about your company’s image and the ways to present it in a rightful yet visually appealing manner. Business folks in the know now have eye-catching Twitter profiles they personalize or customize to better exemplify their products and services. You too can have a striking Twitter account by following these few important steps.

1. Invest in Twitter’s Featured Tweet option and be able to place your most important or the latest offers on top of your Timeline. You have to pay for this feature to be able to use it but it can be important for those who would love to present their company or business’ newest offers for a longer period of time. From there you can also add an image or a video to accompany your tweet.

2. You can now upload cover photos for your account. You can include a short description of your company and location on the cover photo. If you want, you can also put in a link your visitors can check out.

3.  In order to customize your Twitter account even more, create a personalized background that will go with your company. There was a time when companies used to put their information on its background because this is what the users want. But this sort of design is faulty since it adds clutter. Too much text on a layout can be an eyesore. Thankfully these days users favor clean and simple designs. With a design software on hand, create your own background with the help of these following tips:

a. Twitter has specs when it comes to background measurements. You want your background to come out nice and clear do you? So you have to follow those specifications. They are static once uploaded so they won’t move an inch once a user scrolls down.

b. You better set up your background in a way that it will still be visible to users. See to it that your background can be viewed on whatever screen size. Create an image that’s 300-pixels wide to be safe. Form your design by clicking on the vertical ruler and dragging the line on it until it reaches the 300 mark. This move will serve as an indication to keep your image in the selected area.

c. You can opt to choose a single color as your background. This is probably the safest bet. Or if you want something that will gain the attention of your users in a New York minute, you can choose to have a picture as a background. But do remember that the picture you should upload must be yours or you possess its rights. Be careful of choosing an image though; think of how it will be displayed once a part of it gets obscured by the Twitter feed.

d. Now you can add text or some mini write-ups on your account. Remember to keep your text straightforward and quick. Include your company’s identity on it. Twitter requires 140-character posts so Twitter followers are used to that.

e. Last but not least, save your background in your computer. Make sure to save it in three file types: JPG, GIF and PNG. Save it not bigger than the 800k Twitter allows. Finally, upload the background. From your Twitter profile, go to the Settings option and click on the Design tab. Choose Change Background Image upload your file and save it after it gets uploaded.

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