Techniques to Optimize Blog Posts

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The blogger you hire to write posts for your blog pages is a great writer – your friends, colleagues and readers tell you this. But why is it that your site is not getting better positions in search engine rankings? Why is it not generating more traffic? There’s only one reason: She is not well-equipped with the techniques to optimize blog posts. You should have hired an SEO company in Arizona because it knows how to best assist you in your needs. Its staff knows the following key points when writing posts:

Use relevant keywords for your posts.

Before you start writing, think about your main topic. It should be relevant to what you sell or offer on your website. Are you selling gardening tools? Therefore, write about gardening tips. Now, what keywords should you use? Do not just consider anything; you have to give your best effort to come up with the best ones.

SEO is about identifying and making use of keywords or phrases most searched by Internet users to be able to rank on top or at least higher in search engine results pages. One quick way to know what keywords will best optimize your blog posts for search engines is to type a word or phrase you have in mind in Google browser and take notice of Google’s suggested phrases below. Consider these suggestions to discover the most searchable keywords.

Give sufficient attention to your title.

The title should be an exact fit of your content. You should also take note of the character count; it should under 60.

Optimize the images.

Other than choosing the most appropriate and high-quality photographs for the blog posts, you should also think about optimizing them. Each time you upload an image, give it a file name that includes keywords. The same goes for the alternative text field and product descriptions. You should also insert keywords in them.

Build backlinks.

Among the techniques to optimize your blog posts is building backlinks. Backlinks tell search engines that your blog site (or blog post) is of high quality. They, sort of, serve as “votes of confidence”. This is because other websites will not link back to your site if they do not find high quality and relevant content. Another way to create backlinks is to submit guest posts to other sites, articles to article submission websites and news stories to press release sites, as well as participate in forums or online discussions. All these can contribute in boosting your search rank.

It is not you or your site that Google and other search engines are more concerned about. It is the searchers. Hence, when you are writing your blog posts, you should also think about them. The more you provide them with quality content and the more you are able to give them the information they need, the more Google and other search engines will notice you. Complement these with techniques to optimize your blog posts and you will receive better rankings. But to be sure of your SEO efforts, hire an SEO company in Arizona.

img c/o pixabay

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