Top 5 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid When Blogging

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Blogging should be one of your primary concerns when you hire an Arizona SEO company. It gives you another venue to promote your website. It also lets you engage with your new visitors, followers and customers. This is where you do not talk about your business—at least not most of the time—but about your knowledge on certain topics that are of course related to your ventures. You share information, tips and news about the industry you belong to. As you encourage readership, you also gain profits. But not all blogs function in this manner. Here are the reasons some posts are not working the way they should:

1. Posting blog once a month
You are too lazy, why did you even think about including blog page in your website? Posting blog once a month will not help you land a place in the top search engine results page. In fact, it is as if you do not blog at all. When Google and other search engines try to crawl on your site and do not find any relevant information, it may take a long while before they think about coming back. You are then wasting a page that should have been useful to your SEO goals. Be responsible enough to post content on a regular basis.2. Focusing on more than one keyword phraseFocus your content on only one keyword phrase. This way, spiders will understand easily what your topic is all about and make a decision to index it. If you keep on centering your posts on multiple keywords, you have lesser chance of attracting crawlers.3. Ignoring link textLink text lets you direct blog readers to your website. If you do not place link text in one of your keyword phrases, you are losing your chance to generate traffic. You are likewise committing a great mistake in SEO.4. Disconnecting with the visitorsYou may be wondering why your site is generating traffic—but not sales. The reason for this is you do not connect with your visitors. Your content lacks call to action or at least, you do not exert an effort to convey what should have been your message to them. You have to remember the reason you request the Arizona SEO company you hire to create a blog site or a blog page: You want to sell products or services to them. Do not play hypocrite or you lose prospective buyers; but do not make a hard sell or you will irritate them and they will not go to your site again. Provide them with a legitimate content and not a sales advertisement. Place your contact numbers prominently on the web page and they will do what they have to do (that is if you are able to attract them with your blog post).5. Tiring the eyes of the searchers with your content.According to a study, less than 20% of Internet users read blog posts word per word. The rest scan content. Therefore, your content should be easily understandable just by seeing your title, first paragraph, subheads and keyword phrase use. In case they find it interesting, it is only then that they decide to read.Learn from all these mistakes and create an interesting blog post every time. Generate traffic and sales all at the same time. Look for an Arizona SEO company to help you out.

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