What Works in SEO in 2013

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It’s 2013 and everything is changing so fast—including search marketing. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics that were successful in 2011 and 2012 may fail this year. Remember the ‘chaos’ everyone experienced when Google launched the Penguin and Panda algorithms? You sure do not want to be in the same situation again.  You better pay for Arizona SEO services from an SEO professional company. It’s time to say goodbye to the old-style search marketing approach and welcome new and effective ways to use SEO and avoid Google penalties this 2013:

1. Make your website ready for mobile search.
The number of people doing searches using their smartphones is continuously increasing. Statistics can speak well of it. Google Internal Data 2011 indicated that 30% of the people who looked for restaurants in the US used their mobile phones to search. Of those US potential buyers who searched using their smartphones, 53% made the decision to purchase. This is according to the research of Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement in April 2011.

2. Think about local search when getting  SEO services.
Your website should be visible in local search listings or you will lose the chance to be in the local organic search results. Begin with Google+ local. This is especially if you are a business that targets the local market.

3. Use variety of words contained within your keyword phrase.
The previous years had this as the No. 1 rule in SEO: Optimize content using specific keywords or keyword phrases. This may not work to your advantage now (particularly if you are practicing keyword stuffing). It may even be the reason your website will rank lower in the search engine results. What you do is to mention the keyword phrase twice and distribute the individual words in the keyword phrase in a natural way. As what Matt Cutts of Google told Karon Thackston in an interview published in High Rankings Advisor, focus on the quality of your content as you write and you will be surprised.

4. Invest time in social media.
Yes, social media is now an important component for an SEO professional company. It promotes awareness and directs people to your website. It then optimizes your site in a natural way.

Do not make a mistake of duplicating your SEO tactics for this year. You have to do some adjustments. Primarily, you have to keep yourself updated by reading. There were many updates last year, a flexible company should be able to adapt to the ever changing search engine algorithm updates.

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